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EdNavigator helps busy families and students achieve their educational dreams.

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The EdNavigator App serves as the tool to pair families with experienced coaches —the Navigators—who help guide them through their education journey.

Designed in collaboration at Eight Bit Studios 
Roles: UX, design, research and testing.
Rooted in research and testing, we created a thoughtful user experience that addressed the unique needs for all of EdNavigator’s customer groups. These research sessions included usability, perception and A/B testing.

Needs personalized support in managing their child’s education progress.


Needs a workflow and process that allows them to provide personalized attention to the families they serve.

Families were usually paired with one Navigator, so their experience had to not only be personalized to them, but most importantly intuitive. They needed to have their progress and goals easily accessible. During the process we met with families to understand their day to day, and what was most important to them in their education journey. Through a sprint base process, we validated our designs by testing our prototypes with several families.
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On the other hand, Navigators served several families. Their experience needed to be highly organized so they can quickly access their list of families and effectively communicate with them. In addition, we met with Navigators and discussed their process, goals and current pain points. By doing so we helped recreate their process to better serve their families. We also validated our designs by testing our prototypes with Navigators.
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As a result since the launch of the app, we helped grow EdNavigator’s small nimble team of 7 to now 21 employer partners supporting 6,500 working families in New Orleans and Boston. Over the years, new features have been added based on user feedback and app performance.

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